6 October 2015
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6 October 2015,
Read the Source in Spanish or the English version using Google Translate.
Some VERY interesting information from that article including names such as ex-President Martinelli and Noriega, former Panamanian politician and military officer.
“…In Panaholding Company, S.A. the same directors and officers of Panabank repeated. Dutary Ferrari and maintain several businesses with the Martinelli Family and the current President. Giovani Ferrari, since the eighties served as Consul of Peru in Columbus. Conducts business with the brothers Gateño Shrem, also Peruvian. The latter linked to money laundering and arms trafficking, along with groups of Israeli Mossad.

Naos Harbour Island is one of three projects that have the Peruvian Marcos Shrem Gateño and his family in the reverted areas. The lawyer and former congressman Jorge Hernán Rubio is one of the subscribers of the company, a member of the law firm Rubio, Alvarez, Solis and Abrego. Rubio and Rubio was the law firm of First Interamericas Bank, Rodriguez Orejuela drug traffickers, and the lawyer Rogelio Cruz Rios was signed by the bank’s lawyer.

Marco Shrem is Chairman of the MSG Group and develops the Clayton Village project with an environment of 10 hectares and the Malibu Beach Park and Resort in the Pacific Rim. Shrem acknowledges that makes a turnover of 100 million dollars a year.

Shrem Marcos Martinez, Marcos Shrem Gateño and Moris Shrem Gateño form MARKSMAN Board LATIN AMERICA SA, a company related to the 2003 sale of Nicaraguan paramilitaries of Colombia weapons. Shrem was partner Shimon Yelinek Israeli citizen residing in Panama, who bought the equipment with the company GIR, SA. Shrem put Yelenek contact another Israeli Ori Zoller owner of GIR SA, a company established in arms sales Guatemala and representative of the Israeli military industry.

Shrem Yelinek also assisted in the purchase of Nicaraguan arms by Zoller and tried to buy additional weapons. Yelinek and Shrem presented as arms buyers intermediaries of the National Police of Panama.

It is an open secret cries that the construction activity has been used for money laundering, even though the Panamanian authorities never discover anything. In the case of Jean Figali Waked it is known which was funded by the Hamilton Bank, whose top executives have been indicted by the US courts, being notoriously corrupt. These are the investors who come to Panama. They have also reached the Murcia, Urrego, Castrellón Henao, Rayo Montaño among others, but the authorities are given by insiders…”

Read the entire Google Translated article in English here!

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