27 October 2015

Law suits against Developer Marcos Shrem (Naos & Malibu)

27 October 2015,

Interesting statistics, taken directly from ACODEO (Panama Consumer Affairs). Number of Quejas (LAW SUITS) against Marcos Shrem in Naos & Malibu Source: http://www.acodeco.gob.pa:8080/uploads/pdf/estadisticas/ReporteEstadQuejasInmobiliarias_Sept2015.10_20_2015_01_33_58_p.m..pdf Naos […]

6 October 2015

Marcos Shrem Gateño (Developer) linked to money laundering and arms trafficking…

6 October 2015,

Read the Source in Spanish or the English version using Google Translate. Some VERY interesting information from that article including names such as ex-President […]