9 July 2015
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9 July 2015,

Gabriel Almanza JaƩn LLM
Attorney Partner – Socio Abogado
Almanza & Almanza, Abogados – Law Firm
Bella Vista – Calle M. Icaza, Edificio Proconsa 1,

Piso 6. Panama, Panama City.

Tel (507) 264-6381
Tel (507) 264-5502
Tel (507) 264-5463
Fax (507) 264-8751

Cel /Mobile (507) 6090-3110

Email: galmanza@aa-panama.com
Website: www.aa-panama.com

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2 responses on “Who is the ATTORNEY representing Marco Shrem Gateno (Developer)?

  1. Arthur Sanchez says:

    Marco now has a new attorney, don’t have here name off hand. But I believe Almanza is no longer in the game.

    • Alan Michals says:

      These guys do not return emails nothing. They are worthless stay away from these guys can not be trusted.

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